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Your career & future decisions do not need to be based on fear and confusion.

The problem we are solving

The system of education is quite broken and outdated. Today the megatrend of automation is shaping the economies. Life choices are changing at a rapid pace. The available options for future career & life choices are manifold. Deciding from the various choices presented to us is a hard task.

Being successful in the chosen area of life can often take decades. Time lost in choosing the right path sometimes can be quite frustrating. Determining a future that is change-proof and can align with our internal happiness is an impossible-looking task. 

We ask you for your children or yourself ---

Before making your career decisions, are you aware of all the future life choices? 

Are you aware of where your brain fits into this maze of life? 
Can you uncover your full potential in life?

What capabilities do you have that can help ensure success?

We are an evidence-backed prediction Neuroscience company that  enables decisions for future choices 
Insights into what we do 


'Know thyself', the dictum has been held true for decades. We have made this discovery available through an app by leveraging Neuroscience. SOFR's vision is to help each person on this planet to live a purposeful and joyous life by applying the science of self-discovery through Neuroscience based assessment. 

We work with pre-high school students, post-college students, and adults to handhold them to discover their "Genius". We help showcase a deep inquiry into the powers of the brain to plan a successful and joyful life.  

Thinking & brain patterns are like a spider's web. It can be complex to understand. We simplify this and allow you to understand your brain's strengths and priorities through the assessment in an easy hands-on approach.

We take you on an epic journey of self-discovery through brain-based insights and a strengths evaluation process called 'SORT'



Female Dancer

Your body type can be round, pear-shaped, or lean. You know that for sure. We know that.

But are you aware of your brain-type?

Toy Brain

our approach

AI-enabled, Gamified, Personalized & Neuroscience backed process, helping you to discover your brain type.


Your brain type helps you to uncover your unique powers.



About us

We help discover the Genius in all

We help high school, higher secondary, and post-college students plan their futures. We also help adults seeking to change their careers or curious to understand their success mix.


It is an irony of the current education system that young students are pressed to select their subject & life path choices at merely the age of 13 years when choosing between a burger or a pizza is also daunting. 

Our own survey highlights that students are only aware of 10 to 12 career choices in high school. 

 The post-college life also is a messy place & time of life. Surely one gets an honored bachelor's degree,  but what about planning for a successful & purposeful life trajectory? Would one pursue a master's course or join a job? What kind of job guarantees purpose and joy? These are the questions we help resolve.


Why us

We are the only company that personalizes your future choices with application of the principles of Neuroscience

This is the dawn of the future of personalization. We are watching personalized recommendations from Google, Netflix, Youtube, and other websites through cookies. We essentially personalize life's career choices with a deep understanding of brain types.

We identify the brain's thinking potential by a simple hands-on assessment available digitally through the app. Our AI-backed algorithm allows for providing various choices. 


Our specificity in predicting the joyous life path has been over 85%. We also allow the students to get exposed to over 800 careers through an interesting swap right or left approach. 


We help students-

  • The right subject choices

  • Curriculum choices

  • Career courses 

  • The environment of study & country of study.


We help post-college students

  • Identify the right life path

  • Develop social adeptness 

  • Decide on the job type.

  • The on-campus learning success


We help high secondary students-

  • The right life path

  • The suitable job role

  • The insights to crack success

  • Build successful relationships


We are brain divers. We understand the wiring of the brain and the thinking patterns of the mind. 

We have worked for over 10 years to understand how thinking predicts actions & behaviors.


We have cracked life's success & real joy code  INSIDE OUT. 


Brain type mapping is a masterful art and science. Dr Sweta Adatia, the founder of the program is a Neuroscientist & alchemist. Her passion & romance for the brain & understanding of the brain's functions and potentials is contagious.


She clearly believes that - If each person lives to his or her best potential through timely self-discovery, the world can be a magical place to live. 



Coming soon

The complex, sophisticated human brain contains 100 billion neurons, each of which is connected to an average of 7,000 other neurons. They pass signals via 500 trillion synaptic connections.


Unsurprisingly, the brain's secrets have been difficult to uncover.


However, we finally have the technology that allows us to see into the brain. With this capability, we can gather and analyze terabytes of data with fidelity that was previously impossible.

Our method allows you to deep dive into your UNIQUE brain type. We can predict with high specificity how you will act, what work will excite you, and which career you will succeed in. 


Our unique SORT method will allow you to understand and map your life's trajectory. Our  BYOB- Build Your Own Brains program helps to harness the power of Neuroplasticity.


Our Swap right-left approach has helped the students learn over 800 careers in no time.The tool for self-discovery & brain type mapping - Mybraindesign® is accessible through an app and the web.



Who are we ?

How we do what we do?

Mapping the BRAIN TYPE early in middle & high school can do wonders for children 

‘"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.’" 

Lao Tzu

Our Latest Publication Is Available Now


Neuro-science-based CAREER AND LIFE


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A 3 day power packed program to learn about more than 900 careers and decide firmly on  a career choice for the high school student.


Invite only program. 


Turn your child's brain into the one with "WHOLE POTENTIAL".

Explore the 4xbrain program Programs available from  6 Years to 16 years of age.


Mybraindesign assessment is a unique assessment that showcases how one thinks and which part of the brain's dominant preferences are utilized in taking decisions, communicating, learning, teaching, solving problems etc. 


MYLIFEDESIGN is a an advanced assessment for adults seeking to change their career path or struggling in their current job roles. 

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We are a Neuroscience backed company enabling decisions for career & life to lead a purposeful & joyous life.  

Testimonials of Students whose paths we have mapped in style

teen guy for SOFR.jpg

About A...

A guy with extraordinary energy & enthusiasm who nailed the choice in an hour. He was contemplating a career in business vs. doing a master's in technology and embracing the industry. We knew his brain had the flair to take on business management head-on, and we fixed his choice with conviction. We will wait to see him as a successful business manager.


About S...

A girl with conviction about herself and her goals. A non-traditional schooler who says - I am a dreamer, writer, poet, singer, dancer & confused what do I opt next? In a week,we showed her strengths, opportunities, resistance within her brain, and steps to be firm and fine with a career choice. We cannot wait for her to embrace the communication and media career.


About Ad...

The guy who had almost made up his mind to become a singer & lol he found more to him after the brain design and now will be joining the data science course. Seeing your brain strengths can be powerful, which can help you take a firm foot forward not just in your career but also in life.

We are proudly serving the young generation